Door Supervision, Door Supervisors, UK Door Supervisors are the first people that customers and guests will see upon entering a venue. That is why it is crucial that they represent your organisation well. Adapt Security provide fully licensed door supervisors to:


Public Houses

Restaurants & Bars

Private Events

Award Ceremonies


Corporate Functions

Cinemas & Theatres


Private Members' Clubs

Sports Facilities & Gymnasiums

Auction Houses
Door Supervisors ensure that the proceedings of an event go well, minimising conflict and dealing with any potential threats to the safety of people present. They can also be utilised for:

Maintaining entrance/exit search policies

Ensuring licensing laws are adhered to

Assisting people either physically or by offering information The quality policy of Adapt Security is to work to the recognized standards of BS7858 in accordance with all vetting procedures

Your door supervisors and venue concierge

When you entrust your security to Adapt, you can have absolute confidence that your door supervisors and your venue concierge will deliver a great guest experience, focussed on hospitality, excellent customer service and creating a safer venue. This allows us to break free from the outdated and archaic stereotype of the 'bouncer', and to be an ambassador for your venue, and our business.

Your door supervisors integrate seamlessly with your team, working together to deliver a fluid guest experience and excellent customer service. At the same time, we discreetly monitor the dynamics of your venue, responding quickly, sensitively and proactively to issues or disturbances - but without creating an overbearing security presence.

Keeping detailed and accurate records will help you remain apprised on any incidents, occupancy and trends. This also helps you evidence to the licensing authorities and your stakeholders that you are running a compliant and well managed venue.

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